Modern pharmacy.

| February 17, 2022 в 14:21

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Modern pharmacies should be able to give their customers more money, lower just confirm the purchase.

Now they are becoming centers of public health, offering not only medicines but also food, sports and beauty products, natural medicines, the possibility of personal consultation with a doctor. At the same time, they are gradually moving away from the conservative image in design, becoming more cozy and comfortable.

The collection of PHARMODERN equipment for pharmacies and pharmacy stores from Modern Expo became the basis of a new format of pharmacies of the online retailer ROZETKA. Various functional modules and their combinations allowed to create an interesting and modern space that successfully combines beauty and functionality.

And avoiding the traditional white color in the interior and equipment allows you to create a new quality shopping experience, not burdened with associations with traditional pharmacies.

We are especially pleased with the fact that the equipment from Modern Expo helps retailers to fulfill not only practical requests, but also socially important missions, such as caring for the health of each customer.

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